Ali Jane Smith


is the author of a chapbook, Gala, published long, long ago by the Five Islands Press New Poets Program. If you would like to know my news, there is a link to my ‘news’ in the menu. But really, if you would like timely warnings about performances and publications, then it is best to follow me on the socials. Once I have you, I will also bombard you with information about other stuff, sucked in.

My poems have been published in literary journals, including ‘The Walk‘ in Southerly Journal’s The Long Paddock, ‘Mogul’ in Cordite, ‘Big Arms’ in Not Very Quiet and ‘Quarry‘ in Overland.

I have also written reviews and essays. Here’s the stuff I’ve written for Sydney Review of Books and here is a piece I wrote about all poetry called ‘Poetry, Whatsoever‘, for Cordite and here is something I wrote about the work of Susan Hampton for Southerly’s blog. 

I’m also in a marching band called Radical Drums Corps. We play at rallies, marches and demos. We meet weekly for a drum lesson/practice at Anchors Aweigh Art Studios. We have a drum teacher from Anchors Aweigh who also creates original compositions just for us. So poetry is just my day job now.



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